11 Latest SaaS Link Building Strategies That You Can Use In 2023

Increasing SaaS companies increase the need for SEO strategies. SEO plays a vital role in link building and improving the visibility of websites. SaaS link Building has become much easier than before by using some strong strategies. These strategies boost the visibility of the website and increase the business reach.

In this blog, we will discuss SaaS and how to build SaaS links with the help of the right Link building methods. These methods have worked effectively for SaaS link building and helped many SaaS companies to get a higher amount of traffic.

Best SaaS link building Strategies to pick in 2023

Are you finding SaaS link-building a tough job? Then you can apply some of the easiest SaaS backlinking strategies to get the work done. Read on to know the best strategies to build SaaS links easily:

1. Unlinked brand mentions

One of the best things you can try is searching for unlinked mentions of your brand. It is easy to find these unlinked mentions of your brand on the internet. Through these mentions, you can connect directly to the website owners who mention your brand. They do not include a link on their websites. So, when you connect them directly, these website owners will include your brand links to their websites.

Another great way to find these websites is to set up an alert on Google news. This alert allows you to find the website owners who mention your brand and products on their sites. This is one of the best ways to increase your site’s traffic and engage a huge audience.

In addition, you can search for the authors and send them a tweet or email. You can also send them a message and ask them to add a link to your website on their web pages or websites.

2. Guest posting

The second most popular method of Link Building for SaaS companies is guest posting. It is the most common way to link websites used by SEO experts. Through guest posting, you can build long term relationships with other website owners. It is necessary to find website owners that have a website similar to your niche.

With guest posting, you can provide your high-quality content to their websites and include a link back to drive more traffic. You can also include relevant keywords in the content to attract traffic. Apart from that, you must also add relevant backlinks to your content to get heavy traffic.

In this way, you can provide good content and receive good results in return from the website owners. They will also support backlink strategy and grow your business on a huge scale.

These days, many businesses are choosing the option of external SEO services to link their websites. External SEO services are more beneficial than traditional methods and give better results as well.

3. Podcasting

The next method on the list is Podcasting. It might sound like a less possible way but it brings huge traffic. Podcasts help to build your brand identity and create brand awareness in the community. Apart from that, it also connects your brand to other brands and websites. Podcasting works similarly to guest posts.

When you pass certain information through podcasts, the information is published on your websites. These websites also include links to your website. Podcasting has various benefits over guest posting. It requires a lower effort than guest posting.   

It is very easy to use a podcast by taking one topic and speaking on it for about 30 minutes. Within a few weeks, your website will become popular on different websites. Podcasts improve brand visibility and increase organic traffic on your website.

In addition, one can use podcasts easily by finding the right niche. You just need to have a perfect tone and pitch to make your topic more popular online. Moreover, podcasting helps to gain some backlinks.

4. Roundups

A roundup is another famous method of SaaS link building. Let us have a look at the example of roundups. They include some basic and most popular questions on different niches. E.g.- “What are the benefits of the remote job?”, “Tips to increase business sales during a pandemic” and so on.

You can send an email with a common question related to your business. If the reporter finds your emails good, he will contact you. They will also ask you for a quote. They will also show your quote with your name, credentials, and backlinks to the business.

You will gain many media requests after sending an email of roundups. Some of the most popular websites to get the best roundups are OnePitch, Qwoted, and Terkel.

In addition, this method helps to bring organic traffic to your website. It also increases business sales and grows business worldwide.

5. Broken Links

You can try broken links to get SaaS backlinks on your website. We come across a lot of broken links in day-to-day life. Have you ever watched the link with a message 404 error? These links are good for website owners who want to get a backlink to the websites. You can provide your content to these websites with a broken link.

Another great strategy that works for SaaS link building is finding outdated links. Many SaaS companies acquire small companies these days. When a larger company takes over the small companies, you will find several outdated links online. You can find these websites or links and offer your working links. In this way, you can submit your working links and remove the old links.

Missing backlink strategy also works for SaaS link building. If some backlinks of your SaaS brand are missing on the site, find them and resolve these minor issues. You can also post new content to make the link work again like before.

6. CEO Interviews

The next method to try is interview link-building. It is just like podcast link-building. These days, many websites take interviews of SaaS founders. You must prepare a list of websites that take interviews of these founders and experts of SaaS technologies. Then you can contact these website owners and ask them whether they want to interview the CEO of your company.

This strategy works effectively to get the link back to the website’s homepage. It also helps you to get many websites similar to your niche that will take an interview of your company’s CEO. You can form a long-term relationship with these website owners. They will also offer backlinks and grow your business.

This method will work perfectly for new websites and companies. It will also help to find users from different parts of the globe. Many customers will find your website and choose your products and brand.

7. Partner Integrations

This method is one of the best strategies for new SaaS companies. It is a useful technique that helps your company to get backlinks. You have to ask yourself some important things while working with them. You must see to it that your partner adds a link to your website to the integration directory listing. Apart from that, you can also write a guest post on the partner’s blog with a backlink on the page that you want to push.

Another thing that you must see is whether your partner adds targeted keywords to the anchor text. You must see the number of integration partners that do not link back to your website or put guest posts. You can connect to these partners and ask them to add links back to your website

You can share your backlink strategy needs with your partner and ask him to add a backlink to your website. This method might take time but will give better results within a short time.

8. Free Tool

One of the best Marketing strategies is a free tool. These tools attract ICP to your SaaS website. You must build resource pages and show useful tools on your website. These ways will bring more links to your website. It is necessary to find the communities according to your website niche to promote these free tools.

Many people in the communities will connect to your brand and add a link back to your website. This strategy brings higher leads to your business than before and grows your business to different levels. Besides, your website will also get more product signups and backlinks.

Free tools will help many businesses to connect. These tools simplify the work to a great extent. They help in the automation of the work and generate good backlinks to the website.

In addition, you will get many features from these free tools. They help to promote your brand effectively with products and their features.


HARO is the most popular SaaS link-building strategy that many SaaS founders and companies use. The full form of HARO is “help a reporter out”. HARO is an online tool that gives information about upcoming events to journalists. These journalists will then post a story of your information to increase traffic. 

In return for the information that you give, the reporters will provide a link back to your website. They will also mention your link in the author section of their articles. Your website will be linked to many useful sources or dofollow links. As a result, you will get high organic traffic on your website.

In addition, HARO gives many benefits. It is a free online tool to use for small companies. It also offers a lot of opportunities for SaaS companies to get backlinks. You can even select a paid version of the HARO online tool to enjoy more advanced features. You can also include keywords in your topics by choosing the paid version of the HARO online tool.

10. Testimonials

One of the best ways to get SaaS SEO backlinks is by offering testimonials. Many platforms do not follow this method but you can try it. You can consider all the products that you used a few weeks back. After using these products, you can contact these platforms and give them a quick text testimonial and ask them to give a link back to your website.

You can also submit reviews on certain websites after using some products. These websites will give a link back to your website. It is like a win-win situation for you and the company on whose software you submit reviews. Your business will become more popular along with the free links. On the other hand, the audience will trust the company to whom you submit your reviews and your brand as well.

Many businesses will contact your company after looking at the reviews and testimonial page. You can popularize your brand with this method.

11. Q/A Sites

One of the best ways to build backlinks is through Q & A sites. You can post your answers on sites such as Yahoo! Answers and Quora. Apart from that, you can also provide a solution to the problems faced by companies. You can give a list of different tools that can be used for project management.

Many businesses have got huge traffic by trying this technique. They also got a backlink to their websites by solving some queries of the audience. As a result, a huge audience will complete a signup procedure on your website.

This technique has worked for many small businesses that are finding an audience. It also brings more organic traffic to your website.

Final words  

This is the list of proven methods of SaaS link building. You can also use many free Marketing Tools to make your business popular at every level. You can also get your website featured in certain leadership articles. These articles will list your profile along with a backlink to your website.

Using these Link building tools will certainly bring huge traffic and increase business sales. You can promote your business all over the world by using the above-mentioned ways of SaaS link building.

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