15 Best SEO Extensions for Chrome 2023

Google Chrome is a widely used software for browsing all across the globe. It is a fast, simple, and quite efficient browsing application. However, what makes it even better are the extensions. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at some of the best and free SEO extensions for Chrome that you can easily install and add to your Chrome’s functionality.

Best SEO extensions for Chrome

In this section, we have listed below a total of 15 extensions, and these are the best SEO extensions for Chrome and are absolutely free to use as well. So without any further delay, let’s begin.

1. Similar Web

Similar Web is the first SEO extension in our list of the best and free SEO extensions for Chrome. The best part about Similar Web is its traffic estimations and their exceptional accuracy. It is one of the few SEO tools that provide users with precise traffic data without the need of going back to a certain site. The data output usually is of the past six months and is brilliantly organized. The traffic data consists of the regions from where the traffic is coming, time spent by visitors on a certain site along with other details such as bounce rate etc. Similar Web is an excellent SEO tool that you can add to your Chrome as an extension, and start keeping tabs on the traffic data in a really efficient way.

2. Meta SEO inspector

Traffic is of utmost importance to many content creators and site owners out there. For that, they need to pay close attention to their traffic and what they can do to increase engagement. Meta tags are crucial for a site and its overall ranking, and committing mistakes while inputting meta tags can have a negative impact on your site’s traffic engagement. Meta SEO inspector is a free of cost SEO extension that takes care of small elements like meta tags. It ensures that their input is in the correct way, and rectifies any errors that it identifies. Most people might not find this feature very appealing for an extension, but those who know how important meta tags can be really appreciate extensions like this. Meta SEO inspector is one of the best SEO extensions for Chrome, and it will certainly aid you in boosting your traffic.

3. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is the third extension on this list and is a complete SEO extension. It is the one stop solution for all of your SEO needs. Be it keyword volume, keyword ranking, keyword CPC, domain authority and backlinks, you get all of these tools in the Ubersuggest SEO extension for absolutely free. The UI is neat, and the extension itself is pretty easy to use. It is a versatile SEO extension that has all of the features a good SEO extension should have, and that’s what makes it a complete tool for SEO needs. Considering the fact that you can get all of that in the form of a Chrome extension is simply amazing. Ubersuggest is a widely used SEO extension that’ll greatly serve your SEO needs and assist in boosting traffic.

4. MozBar

SEO is a vast field and getting the full hang of it may take some time. However, with some of the best SEO extensions for Chrome like MozBar, all of it is a tad more easier. MozBar is a really useful extension that provides data like search metrics, DA rankings, website rankings, web traffic, etc. for absolutely free. Understanding the scenario of competition and rivalry is an important aspect, and searches done in Moz bring us the data we need for that purpose. In terms of utility, MozBar is one of the best SEO extensions for Chrome, and it is fairly easy to use as well. Using MozBar will quickly provide you with the metadata of a site or a web page along with their domain authority. MozBar is a great SEO tool that enhances your Chrome’s functionality by a lot.

5. SEO minion

SEO minion is a free SEO extension for Chrome and is a great tool to level up your SEO game on any web page or site. The best part about the SEO minion extension is that all you need to do to learn about the SEO data of a page or a website that you’re looking at is just take a glance at your screen. Yes, that’s right. That is precisely what the SEO minion extension for Chrome does. It provides you with the on-page SEO data of any website that’s opened up quickly without the need of opening any other software or application. The metadata is easily available, and along with it a bunch of other crucial SEO data is also available for analyzing, and all of that is possible because of the SEO minion tool. It is a great SEO extension for Chrome.

6. Keywords everywhere

Keywords everywhere is yet another widely popular SEO extension for Chrome that is used by countless people across the globe. The way it works is rather simple, and the name talks for itself. Content writers often need to do keyword research, where they look for keywords that stand top in terms of popularity and are the most used terms. Including such keywords or terms in their articles helps them a lot by ranking their article above than the articles that avoided the use of keywords. To put simply, keywords everywhere is an extension that helps in determining apt keywords for content and thus assisting in traffic engagement. One can easily access this useful feature in the form of a Chrome extension, which makes Keywords everywhere one of the best SEO extensions for Chrome out there.

7. SERPTrends SEO extension

Searches are an important aspect in the SEO world, and SERPTrends SEO extension seems to be completely aware of that. The SERPTrends SEO extension keeps a track of your searches, and it begins to show the ranking movements of web pages and sites directly in the search results if the user searches for the same thing repeatedly. This is a great SEO tool for checking up on competitors and to also gain crucial SEO data directly in your search results.


As the name suggests, FATRANK is an SEO extension for Chrome that serves the purpose of rank checking in an efficient way. The best feature of this extension is that it lets you check the real-time rankings of a website based on its region or country. Keeping a tab on a particular site’s performance is a common practice in the world of SEO, and FATRANK is the ideal choice for that purpose. It is a great SEO tool that comes in the form of an extension for Chrome and is totally free to use as well. This was the eighth application on this list of the best SEO extensions for Chrome.

9. Keyword Surfer

Just like the Keywords everywhere extension, the Keyword Surfer extension is also an extension for Chrome that is known to help greatly with keyword research. Keyword data is really crucial for SEO, and Keyword Surfer makes things a lot easier by presenting it directly in the Google interface. This is an extension where one can get complete data about keywords including traffic and keywords volume quickly and efficiently. This extension is of great help as it presents the most crucial keyword data by itself and saves us the time to take the task of conducting full-fledged keyword research by ourselves. It is one of the best SEO tools out there, and it adds a lot of versatile functionality to your Chrome in the form of an extension. 

10. SEO Quake

Designed by SEMrush, this extension works towards providing your site a better ranking. SEO data is usually vast and consists of lots of things such as keyword info and research, metadata, traffic data, rankings, etc. SEO Quake is an SEO extension for Chrome that makes use of all that data for efficient optimization of your site. SEO Quake is a popular extension and is known to provide accurate comparisons of traffic data of multiple sites quickly. It is a complete SEO tool in the form of a Chrome extension and is greatly useful for accessing the complete SEO data set of any site at any time. SEO Quake is totally free of cost, which makes it one of the best SEO extensions for Chrome.

11. Detailed SEO extension

Optimization of on-page SEO and ultimately leveling up your SEO game is what you should focus on in order to achieve better rankings and increase the traffic on your site. Detailed SEO extension, as the name hints for itself is an SEO tool for Chrome in the form of an extension. It is of great utility and provides you with essential SEO data of any site such as a full meta description, URL indexability, and traffic data as well. In this way, this extension aids you in identifying the apt optimizations needed to improve the rankings of your site and boost traffic. All of this utility makes Detailed SEO extension one of the best available SEO extensions for Chrome.

12. Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is a great tool to access the backlinks of an article that has been shared across the internet multiple times and the total count of its shares as well. This way the Buzzsumo extensions help you by constantly keeping you updated about what’s trending on the internet and will aid you in identifying the right type of content your site needs in order to gain better ranking and engage more traffic.

It is a great SEO extension for Chrome that can be used for keeping tabs on competitors and gaining crucial SEO data as well. Like every other SEO extension discussed so far in this list, Buzzsumo is also totally free to add to your Chrome and use.

13. Ninja Outreach

Building links is the tedious part of SEO, and it is of utmost importance as well. There are several ways to build links, with manual outreach being one of the best among them. Ninja Outreach is an extension that exists to make this task easier for you. There can be several emails associated with a single domain, and Ninja Outreach helps you gain access to them so you can later make appropriate emails in order to try a backlink opportunity for any site of your desire. Ninja Outreach isn’t an extension that’s very famous, but that doesn’t mean it’s not useful. It is of great help to many people out there and that is why we included it in this list of the best SEO extensions for Chrome.

14. Pagespeed Insights

This is an extension that is rather different from others mentioned in this list. With this extension, you’ll be able to see elements that cause the pages of your site to load slower and thus ultimately holding it back from getting a slightly better ranking. You can use this extension to learn about those elements so you can fix them later. This way your site will load a lot faster and will hopefully gain a better ranking.

15. Ahrefs Google Chrome extension

Ahrefs is yet another SEO extension tool for Chrome that is known to provide the users with accurate SEO data of any site or webpage below the SERPs and makes it easier for the user to analyze and consequently optimize their own sites accordingly to improve engagement and ranking. This extension is totally free to use and the SEO metrics it provides are often on the mark. This way it ensures to give you the info you need of any site and later optimize your own accordingly.

The Bottom Line

In this article, we discussed some of the best SEO extensions for Chrome that are free of cost and will help you up to your SEO game. These extensions have been around for quite a while and their utility has only grown with time. Now, we’ll be wrapping this article up with hopes that this article was of help to you.

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