10 Best Features Of Google Analytics To Try In 2023

SEO is the most popular trend in the world of digital marketing. Today, every business has to maintain a professional website to popularize its brand. The success of any website depends on its traffic. Many businesses today use the Google Analytics tool to analyze and improve their site’s traffic.

This tool helps to know the behavior of visitors and optimize your site. Besides, it also helps to frame perfect online marketing strategies for your online business. In this blog, we will discuss the key features of Google analytics. We will also discuss the benefits of using this tool for online websites and how it improves the rankings of your website.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a tool for web analysis used to measure the site’s rankings. It helps to collect data on visitors and study their behavior and preferences. This tool also helps to prepare customizable reports with the help of available data. One can use Google Analytics for both websites and mobile apps. Moreover, this tool analyses the websites and helps businesses to achieve their marketing goals effectively.

Important Features of Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the best tools for measuring the rankings of a site. It has many cool features such as:

1. Reporting and visualization

Google Analytics helps to prepare customized reports from the data collected. It looks into details such as number of visits, gender, revenue generated on site, number of clicks, and age.

This tool collects all the data and presents the most important data for your website. It also helps you to prepare custom reports by combining metrics and dimensions. Google Analytics helps in visualizing data of the users such as the behavior of consumers, age, gender, and the number of clicks on the site.

In addition, the tool gives some more details such as time spent on the site, pages visited, responses to call-to-action, and so on.

Visualization is another powerful feature of Google Analytics. It looks at the site’s details and tells how engaging your site is. Besides, Google Analytics also shows how visitors visit the different pages. It also helps to check the traffic coming from various social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook. Moreover, you can remove keywords and look at the amount of traffic generated. 

2. Funnel Analysis

One of the best Google analytics features is that it does a proper funnel analysis. It collects data from all the customers and shows how marketing goals are met. Apart from that, the site also helps to optimize websites. The tool helps to prepare reports on the factors such as keyword analysis, mobile performance, and the number of visits to the site.

Studying the performance of a targeted audience is very important for any business. It also helps to show the behavior of the targeted audience after introducing a particular product or service. Businesses will also know how their products are working among the targeted audience.

You can also know the performance of conversion sources on your website. Businesses can measure ROI in different social marketing channels and how they help to improve the profits of the business.

3. Tag Management

Tag Management is one of the most effective features of the Google Analytics tool. It helps to manage data and tags outside the websites. This feature helps businesses to manage their customer data and information such as gender, age, likes, preferences, and other factors.

There are many benefits of tag management. It helps to conduct marketing campaigns for new businesses. Besides, the marketers can also generate more revenue with the help of tag management. This feature of Google Analytics helps in the quick management of marketing campaigns.

In addition, tag management helps in decreasing costs and focusing on business activities. It helps in controlling the data collection practices of vendors. You can test various marketing solutions with the help of tag management. 

4. Goals Tracking

Google Analytics feature list contains one more feature, the Goals feature. It helps in getting the most effective metrics conversions. You can study the behavior and other patterns of website visitors with the help of this feature. This feature shows goals for every page of your website.

This feature views the performance of every page at a new level and helps in getting higher conversion. These goals are categorized into different factors such as an event, destination that website visitors take, and time spent by visitors on a particular webpage or a site.

You can also see the number of pages that users view at a particular time. The feature of Goals aids in creating a funnel wherein you can know certain issues. You can give a monetary goal to every goal in Google Analytics. It helps in knowing the total losses and profits in a business every year. Furthermore, this feature helps to accomplish business goals effectively every year.

5. Data Activation

New technologies are introduced every year for business development. Even many new businessmen try to adjust to the advanced technologies. Data activation is one of the most significant features of Google Analytics. It helps small and large businesses to store their warehouse data and information.

Businesses store data for future analytics. After data conversion, it shows various things such as items in the cart, lead score, new signups, lifetime value, shopping cart abandonment, and so on.

Today, businesses have to store a large amount of data and information. The concept of data activation helps businesses to gain access to only useful information. It is useful for every department such as sales, marketing and so on.

Under the data activation process, the data is gathered from various sources and passed to sales and marketing teams. These teams organize marketing campaigns for the development of your businesses.

Additionally, the feature of data activation helps in giving a more personalized buying experience to the buyers. Businesses can use this data to advertise on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. You can also generate valuable ads with the help of the data activation feature of Google Analytics.

6. Integrations

You can use the Google Analytics tool with several other tools such as AdSense, AdWords, YouTube, and so on. This tool can also work with different Google products such as Survey 360, Search Ads, and so on.

Google Analytics tool works perfectly to improve the site’s traffic and enhance its rankings. It also gives deeper insights into customers behavior and their likes, preferences, age, gender, and other demographics.

This tool saves time and money and gives a more detailed sight of your website. You can make smarter decisions by combining Google Analytics with other Google products and tools. Moreover, it helps in getting the better performance of your web pages and websites in a short time.

7. Site Search

Site Search is another powerful feature of Google Analytics. It helps users to get the information that they want to view on the website. On the other hand, it even helps businesses in framing an effective marketing strategy. Businesses can know the information to post on their web pages and websites. They can know what their users are finding.

This feature of Google Analytics helps businesses to optimize their websites effectively. They will also know the keywords to be used online and different marketing strategies to frame for running their business activities.

Many new businesses today use the Site Search feature on their websites. It gives many benefits to businesses such as finding profitable keywords for PPC and SEO, optimizing the performance of the business websites, and optimizing the performance of site search visitors. It is easy to add various parameters to your site using this feature.

8. Custom Alerts  

The next feature of Google Analytics is Custom Alerts. It is one of the best features that help in organizing the data of your business. You can get a bird’s-eye view of your full business by using this feature of the Google Analytics tool.

You can track organic traffic on your website by enabling this feature of Google Analytics. Apart from that, you can also enhance customer engagement on your website. You can run marketing campaigns for your business using custom alerts.

Businesses can track the number of visits to their websites with several clicks. The feature of custom alerts also helps in automating reports for businesses. It also helps businesses to monitor their data and information.

It is easy to create Custom Alerts in the view panel in the admin tab or customize the menu in the regular reports. You can select the views to which you want to apply the custom alert feature too. Moreover, it is easy to sign up for SMS messages using this feature of the Google Analytics tool.

9. Campaign Measurement

One of the most powerful Google analytics features is campaign measurement. For any business, the measurement of marketing campaigns is very important. It shows how their products and services are performing in the market. Businesses will also know the most profitable marketing campaigns using this feature.

You can add parameters to URLs to track the marketing campaigns of the business. This feature allows businesses to know different things at one glance. It helps you to the links that gather the higher amount of traffic and the partner ads help in the generation of traffic. Besides, the businesses can also know the number of visitors reading guest blog posts and articles on the website.

10. Google Search Console

The next feature of the Google Analytics tool is Google Search Console. It aids businesses to see the performance of organic search traffic. This feature allows you to see the number of times your website appears on the website. Apart from that, you can also find the keywords searched by visitors. You can also know the number of times users search your website or web pages on the Google search engine.

In addition, you can know the search terms that help your sites to appear in Google searches. This feature is very useful for new businesses who conduct marketing campaigns regularly.

Additionally, this feature helps to improve SEO strategies and improve the rankings of your websites. It also boosts sales of the business and increases organic traffic on the website.

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